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Please follow these steps to join LP Soccer!


1. NOW: Register with LP Soccer  Click on the box below to register so we know you are coming! All players must register every year. You will then be added to our mailing list to receive communications and details. Include all contact info for the athlete (if new to CPS and don't have an email yet, please use personal email, then contact us with CPS email) and at least one parent/ guardian. Contact info for a second parent/guardian is optional. PLEASE HIT 'SUBMIT' AFTER EACH SECTION! Questions? Email or email Coach Ruttenberg here. Find more details about the season on our Events page.

Please add the following emails to your email 'safe list' or mark as 'not spam!' We don't want you to miss any important info!

2. All forms must be in before you can participate!  Please email the IHSA/CPS paperwork to Coach Geoff Ruttenberg: AND Athletic Director Brandey Tarver:


You will send in TWO pdfs:

  1. The IHSA/CPS fillable pdf packet

  2. A pdf of the 'pre-participation examination' form your healthcare provider will fill out (found in the IHSA/CPS packet)

You can use a website like this one to create/merge pdfs. Please don't send photos! Please be sure keep a copy of all paperwork for your records, we may ask for it again at a later date.


PLEASE NOTE: Paperwork and physicals are only valid for ONE YEAR, you must re-submit every year. If you played a fall or winter sport, we still have to check that your paperwork and physical are valid through the end of the Soccer season.

3. Carefully read, sign and send back the Team Handbook. It is very important you understand our program and your commitment to it. Download the pdf and fill in the forms on the last 3 pages, save and email back to Coach Ruttenberg here.



4. Support LP Soccer financially. Your support is crucial to the success of our program! Click below to visit our Capital Campaign "Give to the GOOOAAAL!" page. *Donation is not required to play.








5. Order your uniform. 


Below are instructions for getting your athletes their player kits (uniforms) and your fan gear!! This shop will remain open YEAR ROUND, but please note timing (item 7) to ensure you have what you need before each season begins.


  1. ORDERING KITS: READ CAREFULLY: Returning players who have HOME/AWAY kits  do not need to purchase any additional items unless you want to replace an item(s) or add fan gear AND/OR you believe you will be a Varsity player, in which case you will need to purchase the alternate kit pack. FOR EVERYONE ELSE who needs uniforms, please Add Required Player Pack. The Alternate player kit is for VARSITY PLAYER ONLY.  Recap: Everyone needs the standard HOME/AWAY Kits. Varsity players need to also add the Alternate pack. (IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT VARSITY PLAYER STATUS, EMAIL COACH RUTTENBERG.)

  2. NUMBERING: BEFORE YOU CAN ORDER YOU NEED TO CLEAR YOUR NUMBER CHOICE WITH THE LP SOCCER BOOSTERS.  Please click on the link to chose your number. If you have any questions, you can Contact Stephanie Biederman at  Add your name and year you graduate. ****NOTE: NUMBERS 25 AND UNDER ARE RESERVED FOR VARSITY AND MUST BE APPROVED BY COACH RUTTENBERG!!

  1. FAN GEAR: Players and Parents: Add Fan Gear. Be proud and standout on game days!

  2. Check-out (consider adding sizing insurance!!)

  3. If you have any issues or technical questions, you can email our uniform supplier at: 

  4. If you have general questions about what to purchase, OR you need financial assistance/support, please contact Coach Ruttenberg at

  5. AT LP SOCCER WE TRY TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER. THEREFORE, IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE AN ADDITIONAL  PLAYER PACK FOR SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR SON/DAUGHTER, please consider doing so. Contact Coach Ruttenberg for instructions on how to donate/fund a full kit via the Team Shop for said purpose.



QUESTIONS? Please contact us at or email Coach Ruttenberg here.


All forms must be in before you play! Please plan ahead! The physical form must be signed by your doctor! 

Not sure if your paperwork was received? Check here!



Uniform examples: Boys have longer shorts. Coaches may choose to mix and match jerseys, shorts and the three socks (navy, white and gold), pay attention to their emails!

HELP FUTURE PLAYERS! If you have outgrown your uniform or have decided not to play, please donate your kit back to the program! Email Boosters for more information.

Players keep their number all four years.

The Team shop for Boys and Girls is open!

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